Ghanaian cheers and wave at Obama motorcade

Ghanaian cheers and wave at Obama motorcade


Obama meets the Ghanian president, John, Atta Mills, during his visit in 2009









  • Stable democratic government with open markets
  • Close ties to the U.S. and actively supported by U.S. Government and Aid organizations
  • Low literacy rate and limited access to computers


Ghana U.S.
Population 32 mm 302 mm
Total literacy rate 80% 99%
Total personal computers 112,000 173 mm
PC’s per 1000 5.2 574.0
Internet Users 368,000 216 mm
Internet Usage 17 per 1000 702 per 1000
Source: Encyclopedia Britannica (2004)


Local “On the Ground” Expertise led by:


FJ Cava: COO of TechAide

Ernest Boateng: Managing Director, Global Media Alliance, Ghana

Pastor Ofori-Amah Victor: Head of Baptist School & Orphanage (BASCO)

Derrick Guisie: Head of New Life International Children’s Home

Frank Amenyo: Head of In My Father’s House (IMFH)

Mary Hilda Osei: Head of Blessed Child School

Anthony Appiah: On-the-ground Expertise