Since 2008, SBIG has raised close to $318,000 from over 100 donors. Virtually every dollar is spent on our missions. Administrative services and supplies are generously donated with cash donations spent only on filing fees and post office box rentals.

SBIG remains committed to supporting and sustaining our existing projects, even as we continue to assess potential new ones. As such we have engaged with TechAide to conduct quarterly assessments of each school in order to remain advised of any issues that need to be addressed in maintenance of the equipment and facilities, the quality of instruction, and to continue the rapport with the schools throughout the year.

We continue to encourage schools to share best practices to enhance their operations.  The SBIG Advisory Council was established as an informal support group of headmasters from BASCO, Good Shepherd, New Life and In My Father’s House. Recently 5 ICT instructors and 2 administrators from SBIG-sponsored schools attended a two day workshop run by our partner, TechAide. It was an opportunity for the attendees to share some of the challenges and potential solutions as well as the successes. Specific skills in Microsoft Power Point and TechAide’s PROlink (Project Management).

After five years of operations, SBIG has made a significant difference in the lives of over 2,300 students. Going forward, we will continue to evaluate Needs Assessments for new schools, focus on the maintenance and sustainability of our existing schools, build and diversify our donor base, and seek out new volunteers.